Hurricane Floyd Racing #75

J. Michael Floyd ~ Hurricane Floyd Racing #75

2015 Race - Hurricane Floyd plans to attend the Bradenton, FL Riverwalk Regatta Feb. 7th, 2015

2014 Race Results - SST 120; Michael 'Hurricane' Floyd #75....                                   1st Place - APR Superleague Champion

Michael 'Hurricane' Floyd was featured on the cover of the Effingham Magazine (including a 4 page spread article/pictures)

2014 Race Results - SST 200; Michael 'Hurricane' Floyd #75.... 4th Place


2014 - J. Michael Hurricane Floyd - #75 is Back!

J. Michael Hurricane Floyd is ready to get back in the drivers seat! After his accident in July 2012 and Health issues in 2013 - he is healthy and ready to go! Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! 

Good Luck this year Hurricane Floyd! Be Safe and Have fun!

Hurricane Floyd Racing plans to attend the following races for 2014;

Feb 28-Mar 3     Lakeland, FL (Club Race) - Saturday 1st Place, Sunday 2nd Place

May 9-11             LaGrange, GA (APR) - 7th Place Overall, 3rd in the SST-120 Class

May 30-June 1    Knoxville, TN (APR) - 4th Place Overall, 2nd in the SST-120 Class

July2-4                 Pittsburgh. PA (APR)

July 25-27            Huntington, WV (APR)

Aug 15-17            Rising Sun, IN (APR)

Sept 12-14           TBA (APR)

Sept 26-28           New Martinsville, WV (APR)


Hurricane Floyd Racing News:


August-2013: J. Michael "Hurricane" Floyd appreciates the Thoughts and Prayers, as he continues to get better from health issues.

14-Jan-2013: J. Michael "Hurricane" Floyd has been cleared to continue his racing. Thank you to everyone for the amazing prayers over the past six months of his recovery.  Michael is looking forward to getting back behind the wheel! #75 this will be a Good Racing Season!


16-July-2013: Due to a racing accident in Marietta, OH on 15-July-2012, J. Michael "Hurricane" Floyd will not be able to attend a few of the races this season.  He is currently recovering from a concussion.  Thank you to everyone for the toughts and prayers.  We will keep you posted on the next race he anticipates on racing at.

Career Highlights 

If you are interested in watching Hurricane Floyd Race in the upcoming Boat Races, please email prior to the race to confirm that we are planning to compete at particular events.







 2011 Race Results for the Hurricane Floyd Race Team

 Pittsburgh, PA - 2nd Place in SST-120 Class - North American Championship (July 4, 2012)

Marietta, Ohio - 3rd Place in SST-120 Class (July 14-15, 2012)



 2011 Race Results for the Hurricane Floyd Race Team

 Elgin, Il - 7th place (June 17-19, 2011)

Pittsburgh, PA - 6th Place (July 4, 2011)

Marietta, OH - 3rd Place (July 9-10, 2011)

Huntington, WV - 5th place (August 5-7)

Aurora, IN - 6th Place (August 6-7)


2011 Top Five High Point Standings F2 (SST-120)

1 - Terry Rinker #10

2 - Mark Jakob #7

3 - Donnie McDowell #3

4 - J. Michael Floyd #75

5 - Jeff Reno #34

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2011 F2 High Points - Top 5 (4th) 

2011 F2 Most Improved Driver Award 

2011 F2 "Betty May" Best Dressed Team Award 

2008 F2 high Points - 22nd

2007 Superleague Iron Man Award for Qualifying in 30 Consecutive Races

2006 F3 5th Place Superleague High Points

2005 F3 2nd Place Superleague High Points

2004 F3 “Betty May” Best Dressed Team Award
2004 5 wins in 6 races
2004 F3 Superleague Champion 
2004 F3 APBA National High Points Champion

2003 Superleague “Betty May” Best Dressed F3 Team Award
2003 Superleague Top Three (second)
2003 APBA US-2

2002 Superleague F3 Top Five
1995 National Outboard Racing Association F3 Champion 
1989 Competed in his 1st Powerboat Race in Hardeeville, South Carolina








The Hurricane Floyd Racing Team

 Name: Michael “Hurricane” Floyd

Team Name: Hurricane Floyd Racing

Boat Colors: Yellow, Red & Silver

Boat Number: #75

Sponsors: Floyd Racing, Carey Hilliard’s Restaurants, Caniff Race Designs, Harold’s Paint & Body, South East Boat Works, Harbor Signs & Graphics and Hustler Trailers

 Crew:  Dion Bridges, Camela Exley, Craig Exley, Melanie Exley, Ashley Floyd, Blake Floyd, Mark Floyd, Ronnie Floyd, Christopher ‘Topher’ Lathrop, Jimmy Mitchell, Stacy Mitchell, Mark Oliver and Dave Yeager

Team Manager/Web Site Coordinator: Ashley Floyd

Team Mascot: Hampton Floyd

Class: SST-120 Formula 150, F1 Prop and MOD U

Boat Make: 16’ Caniff Racing Designs

Engine Manufacturer: Mercury Racing V-6 F2/SST-120

Engine Builder: Chris Fairchild

Engine Technician: Sam Haraway

Hometown: Rincon, Georgia (30 miles NW of Savannah, GA)


Contact us at: 


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